BAC-STOP Esteam – 4L

Bac-Stop is an industrial strength hard surface, D.I.N. registered phenol/alcohol disinfectant, designed for use in hospital, institutional and commercial applications. Bac-Stop will eliminate odor causing germs due to flooding, sewer backup, toilet overflows, water leaks, mold, mildew and many other situations. Bac-Stop can be applied to sinks, walls, tile, counter tops, garbage cans, toilet areas, […]

Esteam Eclean Green Emulsifier – 4 L

Esteam Emulsifier has been developed for the world of environmentally responsible cleaning. This unique blend of eco friendly ingredients comes together to create a concentrated emulsifier that breaks up greasy residue and suspends soils for easy extraction. Green-Line Emulsifier meets or exceeds the environmental choice criteria for green cleaning in today’s world.

Eclean Esteam Clean-Zyme

Clean-Zyme is a powerful powdered enzyme prespray formulated to break through and digest animal, vegetable and petroleum oils. Spray mixed solution onto carpet at a rate of 800-1000 square feet per 3.78 L (1 gal) moistening the carpet fibre. Using a carpet groomer agitate the prespray into the carpet fibres and allow 15 minutes dwell […]

Ninja E1200

  Engineered for professional hard surface (tile & grout) and carpet cleaning. The E1200 is a CSA/US approved dual purpose portable extractor engineered for hard surface and carpet cleaning. This 10 gallon extractor comes with auto fill and auto drain, front mounted pressure adjuster and pressure gauge for user convenience. The external filter protects the […]