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3 Key Reasons Cleaning Supplies can Save Your Work and Home Life

July 24th, 2019


It is extremely important to have clean floors in your home or business. Why?

Prevent Slip and Fall

Accidents can happen so easily and when you have floors caked with debris, covered in dirt or something spilled on them, your chances of tripping or slipping are high. Ignoring the mess in a commercial space could mean a lawsuit against your business in the event an employee or customer falling as a result. A spill in your home could cause you to fall and injure yourself, costing you time away from work or other planned events.

There are all types of surface cleaners available on the market but you want to ensure you pick the best one for your flooring type. If you have hardwood, a great choice would be Bona® for that extra shine and care. Bona® has been making cleaning products for years and knows how to help keep your floors in great condition. Maybe your space is accented with ceramic tiles and you need a cleaner to attacks not only the dirty tiles but grout as well. The Vacuum Specialists can help you find a perfect way to wash your floors so there is less chance of a disaster happening plus a clean floor gives great visual appeal.


Do you want your flooring to last as long as possible? Make sure you take care of it by mopping and vacuuming it often. How often should you be cleaning your floors? This answer will vary depending on the amount of traffic you get through your home or business. Busy areas require a good cleaning at least once per week and more often when the weather outside creates damp and snowy situations. When you are diligent in maintaining a cleaning routine, your home or office is less likely to need new flooring, saving you money as a result. Keep your space looking new for years to come with products from the Vacuum Specialists.

Set the Tone

Maybe you are sitting in your quiet office building watching the hours tick by. You may not even realize you are losing customers. If you have dirty floors your customers won’t trust that you can take care of their business needs if you can’t even keep your floors clean. Cleanliness says a lot about your work ethic. Instead of another slow day at the office, get traffic flowing through those doors by purchasing the right cleaning equipment to get your space looking sparkling and tidy. Your customers will appreciate the effort and have confidence in your business.

Are you in need of a little extra help at home to impress your in-laws? Keep your home’s flooring surfaces clean and tidy. There is nothing for your family members to complain about when you start with a clean slate (or tile or carpet). Cleaning products are your answer to a fresh-looking home and your in-laws will have a fresh viewpoint on your living situation. Be proud to show off your home but be careful, your in-laws may decide to stay a little longer.

Ask the Vacuum Specialists which cleaning supplies are right for your home or office.

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