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3 Key Reasons You Need an iRobot® Vacuum

April 17th, 2019


Since its first debut in 2002, iRobot® Roomba® has taken over the market and is currently the leading global consumer robot company. Long gone are the days where your robot vacuum would get lost and spin around in circles until you got home to fix it. Modern technology has been able to enhance the system of robot vacuums to help you get a great clean when you just don’t have the time.

What makes the new versions of the iRobot® such a great product for cleaning?

1. Navigation system

iRobot® has a built-in navigation system. What does this mean? iRobot’s AWARE™ Robotic Intelligence System allows it to analyze the space you need cleaning with an infrared signal to calculate the room size. After calculating the room size, the robot vacuum will know how long it should take to clean your space.

Are you worried about your vacuum falling down stairs and breaking while you are not home? The cliff detector is one of the sensors in the system that gives it the brains to know where danger zones are. This smart vacuum stays away from these locations.

A wall sensor on the right side of the bumper lets the robot vacuum glide along walls and around objects without bumping into them. You can keep the vacuum in specific areas with its virtual wall programming.

When it senses a virtual wall, it knows to head in the opposite direction. This will require some programming from you but all in all, the iRobot® is ready to clean with minimal human interaction, making it very usable.

2. Wi-Fi Connectivity

Are you going away on vacation? Do you have to head out to work? iRobot® is the ideal cleaning device for situations like this. This robot vacuum technology is convenient. You have no time to clean your home, so it does the job for you. The iRobot® HOME app lets you schedule cleaning jobs. 

Are you worried about what your iRobot® vacuum is up to while you are away? You can check in on it to make sure it is doing its job. You can even get a cleaning status from the application, customized tips and direct access to customer support.

3. Knowing the Difference

iRobot® is set up with various smart technology systems so it knows how to clean different surfaces of your house. The 3-stage cleaning system knows to provide an extra force when cleaning carpets and rugs versus hard floors. The dual multi-surface brushes help thoroughly clean the floors. One brush agitates and loosens dirt while the other moves in the other direction to extract and pull it in. 

Is there a spot in your home that is dirtier than others? The iRobot® vacuum has Patented Dirt Detect™ Technology to recognize the spots that need more attention and cleans them more thoroughly. Your robot vacuum can even get into hard to reach locations because it is small enough to maneuver its way in and around them. 

Do you worry about items getting picked up and stuck in your vacuum? The robot vacuum has no bristles so it can clean without getting caught in a chunk of hair or whatever tricky piece of garbage gets left on your floor.

There is nothing the iRobot® technology has missed. It is a perfect vacuum choice for you if you require cleaning touch ups in your home while you are away.

iRobot® makes your life easier. 

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