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4 Key Ways to Vacuum

September 27th, 2019

Vacuum Cleaner

Do you think you know how to vacuum? Silly question, it’s simple to vacuum, just move the vacuum cleaner over every section of your floors and you’re done! You might be missing some key points that make vacuuming easier on you and help keep your floors cleaner.

1. Choose the Right Vacuum

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner is the key to all your vacuuming needs. How do you know which vacuum is the perfect fit for your home? Know the flooring types you have, the amount of space you own, and where the majority of dust and dirt is coming from. Tell Vacuum Specialists about each of these areas and the knowledgeable staff will help determine the right vacuum for you.

If you have mostly hardwood floors, it is best to get a vacuum with soft pads that will not scratch your flooring. Are you living in a large home? Try going for a vacuum that has the power to last a long time while you clean the entire space. Maybe you have a pet and they cause a lot of dander; look for a vacuum that is built specifically with animals in mind. Once you have the right vacuum, you can go on to clean your house, keeping the following information in mind:

2. Maneuver Slowly

Take your time while vacuuming, maneuvering the vacuum cleaner over each section in your house twice, once up and once down in a vertical pattern. Why? This helps ensure any deeply embedded grime you missed the first time is picked up on the second round. Vacuuming might not be the most fun job in the world but you can make it joyful by putting some music on and dancing to the beat of the suction. Remember the moves of Mrs. Doubtfire played by Robin Williams? A little dance, some music, then smell that fresh, clean air!

3. Maintain Your Vacuum

Clean your bag or canister out after it is 1/3 full. By cleaning it out before it is full, you are saving yourself possible extra mess that could come with a rim-full of dirt. Emptying the container makes it less likely for vacuum blockage. As well as cleaning your vacuum, get it maintained by a professional at least once a year. A clean cared for vacuum will work better and longer than one that has been left behind in the dust! Small issues have a way of getting worse as time goes on. Take care of your vacuum and it will take care of your house.

4. Schedule Your Clean

Set up a cleaning schedule for yourself. You are more likely to maintain a weekly cleaning by holding yourself accountable for this chore. By vacuuming weekly, you are making the effort to keep your house free of allergens and dust mites. Try and vacuum the high-traffic areas of your house more often. Keeping these areas clean helps prevent dust and dirt from tracking into less-used spaces.

A vacuum is an essential part of your home but without knowing how to properly clean, your vacuum is unable to do the job it is meant for. Keep these notes on how to vacuum in mind when you are ready for your next scheduled house cleaning.

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