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4 most commonly replaced vacuum cleaner parts

April 13th, 2021

Repairing a vacuum cleaner
Repairing a vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming up the dust and dirt in your home or workspace is essential to keeping healthy and making your space look beautiful. When your vacuum begins to malfunction, this might be a sign you need to replace certain parts. Repairing a vacuum cleaner by finding vacuum cleaner parts online will keep your space looking fresh and steer you away from allergens that live in your dust.

Vacuum cleaner parts
Vacuum cleaner parts

Below are 4 most commonly replaced vacuum cleaner parts. Take extra care to watch out for these issues next time you are cleaning.

1. Belt

If you notice there is a trail of dirt left behind when you are finished vacuuming, this could be a sign of a broken vacuum belt. You just cleaned your floors so why is this happening? Your vacuum is not doing its job properly. All kinds of bits and pieces did not get sucked up and instead, they got scattered all over the floor.

When the belt is broken, it cannot move the brush inside the head to trap dirt. Not to worry as you can easily get a replacement. Repairing a vacuum cleaner by finding a new belt is the only way to solve this issue.

2. Motor

Yikes! There is an ear-popping screech coming from your vacuum cleaner when it is turned on. Something is definitely wrong. Could it be the motor or something else?

Here are 2 things you can do to find out why your vacuum cleaner is being extremely noisy:

  • Check if something is obstructing the hose and needs to be removed
  • See if the belt is properly attached or if it is loss

If neither of these issues is part of the problem, then you might have a vacuum motor that is at the end of its life. There are many vacuum cleaner parts online, but a motor is a larger issue and calling a professional vacuum company will help you determine the right replacement motor for your vacuum type.

3. Power cord

It can be extremely frustrating when your vacuum won’t turn on. Looking up vacuum cleaner parts online is a great step to fixing an issue but first, you need to figure out what part needs replacing.

Here are a few other things you can check before buying parts:

  • Check for something obstructing the air filter and remove anything blocking the path
  • There might be a problem with the on/off switch, and you can test this with a continuity checker or a multi-tester

If you come up with nothing from either of these checks, you are most likely in need of a new cord. The cord you are currently using might be broken inside somewhere you can’t see. Replacing a cord for your vacuum is a quick fix.

4. Filters

You notice an awful stench while vacuuming and realize it is coming from your vacuum! The smell is making you want to throw up and is enough to repulse anyone that walks in the door.

Stinky vacuums are usually a sign you need to replace the filter. The more often you use your vacuum, the dirtier your filter gets, and the more frequent replacements become.

How often do you need to replace your filter?

As a general rule, it is good to replace your vacuum filter at least every 6 months but more often if you use it a lot. That awful stench you smelled will instantly go away after you install your new filter!

While following this guide is a great starting point, contacting a vacuum specialist is the best way to determine what is wrong with your vacuum and how it can be fixed. Replacement parts are available for most makes and models, so you don’t have to buy a new vacuum every time something goes wrong.

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