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5 benefits of a Dyson vacuum

November 6th, 2020

Benefits of Dyson vacuum Cleaners Calgary
Benefits of Dyson vacuum Cleaners Calgary

Dyson. It’s become a household name in the world of vacuums, air purifiers, and even hair care. People are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a vacuum cleaner if it’s a Dyson. 

The question is – what makes a Dyson vacuum such a hot commodity across the world? We take a look at some of the biggest benefits of these popular vacuum cleaners below. 

Benefits of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners
Benefits of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Superior suction power

Dyson vacuum cleaners use their signature cyclonic technology that enables air to spin at high speeds within the cleaner. To remove dust, allergens, and other particles, Dyson gathers all dirt through a filtration system. Large particles are caught and separated, providing lasting suction while reducing the chances of clogging. 

Ball Technology designed for easy maneuverability

One of the features that set Dyson apart from other vacuum cleaner brands is their unique Ball Technology. The ball rotates effortlessly in every direction while providing a sturdy design that keeps the vacuum upright, regardless of how it’s pushed or pulled. This technology reduces fatigue for the user. 

Dyson Vacuums use HEPA filters

HEPA filters are designed to remove 99.97% of airborne particles, effectively cleaning the air from small dust and allergens. A Dyson vacuum is especially beneficial for a city like Calgary, where dust and smoke can make their way into your home. An added bonus: HEPA filters can last a lifetime. 

Innovative dust ejector

Dyson’s dust ejector is a unique function with a silicon collar that slides down inside the dust bin. The ejector pushes the collected dirt and debris as it goes, which means you won’t need to put your hand in the dust to empty. 

Versatile designs

The line of vacuum cleaners that Dyson offers fits the needs of many homeowners and some commercial establishments. There are compact and lightweight stick designs that are easy to store, canister vacuums for larger capacity, and cordless hand vacuums for hard-to-reach places. 

Built to last

Dyson vacuums are made of the same material as crash helmets, making them a durable and resilient vacuum built to handle heavy usage. Furthermore, the quality of a Dyson means that you won’t need to repair or replace your vacuum cleaner as often as you would with other brands.

While Dyson vacuums come with a steep price tag, they have a longer lifespan, which can save you money in the long run.

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