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5 easy steps to deeply clean your vacuum

April 6th, 2021

Vacuum specialist
Vacuum specialist

Vacuum cleaners need just as much love and care as any other appliance in your home. One way to ensure it works properly and for a long time is to keep it clean. To avoid premature damage that can lead to calling for a vacuum repair in Calgary, take care of your appliance with regular cleanings.

To discover how to deep clean your vacuum here are 5 easy steps to follow that your vacuum specialist might suggest.

Vacuum repair in Calgary
Vacuum repair in Calgary

Step 1 – Canister cleaning

Grime can build up in your canister even if you regularly empty the inside. How do you get rid of this grime?

  • Make sure your vacuum cleaner is unplugged before removing the canister
  • Wash the canister with soap and warm water (water that is too hot can destroy its delicate parts)
  • Let the canister completely air dry
  • Put it back in the vacuum and you are ready for another round of vacuuming

Step 2 – Clean or replace the filter

You have two options here – either to clean the filter you already have or replace it. The option you choose will be determinant by the manufacturer of your vacuum. Some vacuum filters are washable while others are not, but this will be noted in your manufacturer’s instructions.

Filters often need replacing anyway and are an easy task to complete. All you have to do is call your nearest vacuum specialist to purchase a new one.

If you can wash your filter, then follow the below steps:

  • Remove your filter and lightly hit it against a surface to get rid of the dust it has collected
  • Rinse the filter under warm tap water while avoiding soap or cleaners as they can ruin your filter altogether. If your manufacturer has instructions that tell you it is safe to use soap or cleaners, then this is the only scenario where you can do so.
  • Let the filter completely dry out overnight
  • Put the filter back in the vacuum and you are ready to use it again

Step 3 – Base plate cleanse

The base plate is the part of your vacuum that encompasses the powerhead motor and agitator brush. It is very important to get clean because it is often where debris and hair get stuck, clogging up the vacuum.

How do you clean the base plate?

  • Take the base plate off your vacuum so you can clean the agitator brush
  • Cut away any hairs that have attached themselves to the brush while being careful to not cut the brush bristles
  • Remove the side cap on the roller to insure of any hair stuck in the bearing
  • Use a grout brush or something similar like an old toothbrush to remove debris from the bar where the brush is
  • Take a microfibre cloth to wipe the base plate

Step 4 – Clean out the hose

Some vacuums have a hose attached to them and this is a component that needs a deep clean at least every few months.

What are the steps to take for a clean hose?

For Non electrical hoses :

  • Remove the vacuum and hose from each other
  • Run hot water through the hose to rinse out loose bits of dirt
  • Get ½ a cup of baking soda and 2 cups of white vinegar. Pour the baking soda into one end of the hose then shake it so the insides are covered. After this is done, pour the vinegar into the hose. It will fizz. Wait until the fizzing stops.
  • After your hose has completed its fizz, rinse it with hot water
  • Hang it so it completely dries
  • Put the hose back on your vacuum for a cleaner clean the next time around

For Electrical hoses you can flow the same steps but you would have to make sure that no water gets on to the wire contacts , and that could cause a permanent damage to the hose

Step 5 – Wash the outside of your vacuum

Do you want your vacuum to look extra clean? Wipe down the outside with a microfibre cloth to keep it shiny for the next time you maneuver it around the house.

Bonus Step

Do you want an extra little tip?

Read your user manual to ensure your vacuum is getting the best deep clean possible because every vacuum is different.

If you are ever unsure of anything, you can always ask a vacuum specialist for advice on the best deep clean for this small home appliance. In some cases, your vacuum might need more than a deep clean, it might need a repair which calls for a professional vacuum repair in Calgary.

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