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5 Reasons To Invest In Central Vacuum Installation

January 28th, 2021

Why central vacuum are important
Why central vacuum are important

A central vacuum is a built-in system inside a home with a motorized unit that creates suction. Pipes run through the interior walls and are connected to the unit where debris is collected and is typically located in the basement, garage, or storage room. Wall ports are placed throughout the home that connects to a long hose when you’re ready to vacuum.

There are many benefits to having a central vacuum in your home. If you’re considering a central vacuum installation, here are the top advantages that homeowners enjoy with their central vacuum unit.

Reasons why central vacuum is important
Reasons why central vacuum is important

1. Less Noise

With the motorized suction unit located away from common living areas, central vacuums offer less noise than that of a portable vacuum. In addition, there are central vacuum mufflers available that are designed to further reduce the noise levels of the motor. The muffler attaches to the exhaust of your unit and is insulated with material to suppress noise.

2. Reduction In The Recirculation Of Dust And Dirt

According to a study done by the University Of California’s Davis School of Medicine, a central vacuum system can reduce allergy and asthma symptoms by up to 61%. Unlike most portable vacuum cleaners that leave fine dust recirculating in the air, central vacuums are vented outdoors to eliminate dust recirculation.

With 3-5 times more suction power than a traditional vacuum, a central vacuum can achieve a more superior clean in less time. The larger dirt canisters can also hold more debris before needing to be emptied.

3. Designed To Last

A central vacuum system is durable and can last a household for up to 40 years, assuming that you perform basic maintenance. This includes cleaning the canister, unclogging the house when necessary, and scheduling any repairs as soon as it’s needed.

4. Offers Less Weight Than A Portable System

The lightweight hose and attachments of a central vacuum are easy to carry and maneuver. With no electrical cords or canisters to drag around with you, vacuuming stairs and hard to reach places become less challenging.

5. Increase The Value Of Your Home

Should you find yourself selling your home in the future, a central vacuum system is an attractive feature for many home buyers. Like many built-in appliances, having a central vacuum instantly increases the value of your home and becomes top of mind for the convenience that the system offers.

Key Takeaways

With less noise, better indoor air quality, convenience, and great value, a central vacuum system is an excellent investment for many homeowners. To ensure that your central vacuum is placed correctly, be sure to schedule your central vacuum installation with an experienced professional.

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