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5 Recommendations for Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

August 13th, 2020

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Industrial vacuum cleaners are designed to be more powerful, durable, and can withstand heavier use than residential vacuums. If your business requires a vacuum that holds more dirt and can perform large tasks, an industrial vacuum cleaner is ideal for you.

Below, we review some of the best industrial vacuum cleaners available on the market that are built for commercial applications. These models are proven to perform in tough cleaning environments and can stand up to a substantial amount of dirt.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Top 5 Recommended Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

When choosing the right industrial vacuum cleaner for your business, there are three key elements that are essential to a quality commercial cleaner.

• Strong suction power means less time going over the same area for an effective clean.

• Usability includes ease of accessing tight spaces, odd corners, and the general handling of the machine.

• Durability for models that are built to last in demanding environments.

Some other factors to consider are:

• Your budget
• Frequency of use
• Specific application

For this reason, we’ve included a selection of upright, canister, and backpack vacuums with different price ranges and have highlighted their unique advantages.

Upright industrial vacuum cleaners

The Kärcher CV38/2 – The benefits of the CV 38/2 at a glance:

• Extra-large working width

• Optical brush adjustment aid

• Accessories integrated into the machine allow for application in many areas

• Patented removal system enables the dust-free replacement of filter bags

• Height-adjustable handle

• Extremely tear-resistant fleece filter bag

• The low weight allows enables fatigue-free work

SEBO Essential G2 Upright Vacuum

This durable, commercial-grade upright vacuum features four-level manual brush height adjustments and durable heavy-duty belts. The SEBO Essential G1 and G2 have a soft-start feature to prolong motor life and convenient clog-removal doors allow for easy maintenance.

Canister industrial vacuum cleaners

Kärcher NT 30/1 Tact For fast and effective cleaning of machines, vehicles, workshops and construction sites: the Kärcher NT 30/1 Tact wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a universal machine for professional operators from various industries. This compact multi-purpose vacuum has an impressive Tact automatic filter cleaning system and a moisture-resistant PES flat pleated filter for the dust-free removal of large amounts of fine dust over long work intervals.

Dirt and liquids can be reliably collected in a rugged 30-litre container which has a bumper and sturdy metal casters. Its easy handling and operation via the machine’s new central rotary switch make work much easier. The machine comes complete with newly developed and highly improved accessories which can be conveniently stored in the integrated suction hose and accessory storage feature. Rubberized surfaces and lashing options mean that tools and boxes can be placed on the flat machine head in a slip-tight manner or even affixed to it.

Johnny Vac Wet & Dry Vacuum JV45G 

This machine is built with three motors for powerful suction on both wet and dry applications. The canister holds 45 gallons with five swivel wheels for ease of use and transportation. Ideal for heavy and tough cleaning environments.

Backpack industrial vacuum cleaners

Karcher BV 11/1

This vacuum allows the operator to move around quickly and easily allowing for maximum productivity. To take full advantage of this productivity, we have fitted the Vac Pac HEPA with a lightweight, ergonomic backpack harness for hours of pain-free operation. The standard HEPA-level filter ensures that this vac is leaving the air in your facility clean and healthy. Clean quietly without worrying about being a noisy distraction. Operating at a mere 67 dBA, this powerful vacuum is quiet, making it perfect for daytime cleaning.

Meets your needs

• HEPA filtration is now standard, providing optimum air quality by filtering with 99.9% effectiveness to 0.3 microns

• Powerful 1.7 hp motor vacuums with authority

• A kit of most-used vacuum tools comes standard with the machine

• The Vac Pac HEPA is constructed of tough molded polyethylene to ensure it can handle daily use Flexible

• Vacuums hose is a top-mounted swivel design for left-hand and right-hand operation

• The Vac Pac HEPA is available in six and ten-quart capacities to accommodate different operators and job requirements Productive

• Lightweight and comfortable harness system makes the job easier

• Vacuum Power Switch is mounted on the hip within easy view and reach of the operator

• Padded hip and shoulder harness increases vacuum operators comfort

• Harness has a chest strap for better weight distribution and operator comfort

• Powerful 1.7 hp motor vacuums with authority

• Quiet vacuum operation is perfect for daytime cleaning

Finding the right industrial vacuum cleaner

Purchasing any quality industrial vacuum cleaner can run you a few hundred or thousands of dollars. It’s worth speaking to an experienced professional at Vacuum Specialists to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your investment for your specific industry and application.

Get in touch with us today for expert advice and recommendations to find the best commercial cleaner for your business.

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