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Advantages of Drainvac Central Vacuums

February 4th, 2021

Drainvac central vacuum
Drainvac central vacuum

Drainvac has become a household name for its powerful central vacuum technology and design. Drainvac central vacuums are a favourable choice in many industries including hotels, schools, restaurants, car washes, and warehouses, to name a few.

What makes this brand stand out from others? We take a look at some of the advantages of Drainvac central vacuums below.

Drainvac central vacuums
Drainvac central vacuums

Innovative products

Drainvac central vacuums come in a range of designs to suit your preferences; compact or large-capacity, bag or bagless, conventional vacuum or with the ability to pick up liquids. Their range of specialized vacuum units can be applied for both residential and commercial use.

Drainvac is most notably known for its development of the ‘Automatik’ model, the first vacuum cleaner with a patented automatic drain. This innovative unit can suction liquids and is often used to assist in disaster clean-ups after floods and storms.

Cuts cleaning time in half

Drainvac vacuum units are one of the strongest systems in the world. The powerful suction can effectively remove dirt and debris from virtually any surface, including carpet, rugs, upholstery, and hard floors.

Large canisters

With some of the largest canisters available for central vacuum systems, Drainvac units require less emptying and maintenance. Canisters are made from polypropylene with parts made of galvanized or stainless steel.

Significant noise reduction

Some Drainvac models emit only 58 decibels, making them one of the quietest central vacuum cleaners around. Drainvac units are installed away from living areas and combine silent operation with powerful suction.

Easy to use

Drainvac central vacuum units are automatic; just plug into the central vacuum port and start cleaning. Additionally, bagless Drainvac systems are quick and convenient without the need to twist and pull to take the filtration box out.

Cost savings

Although the initial investment to purchase and install a Drainvac central vacuum unit can be costly, the savings can be seen in several ways:

  • Lower energy bills as a result of efficient cleaning
  • A longer lifespan than other vacuum cleaners
  • Less maintenance with a more reliable system
  • Bagless models don’t require the purchase of replacement bags

Recognized brand

Drainvac is a recognized brand across the world. This means that many experienced Drainvac retailers can recommend the right system for your specific use, and technicians available who can service your Drainvac unit when needed.

Final thoughts

It’s easy to see why Drainvac is one of the most preferred central vacuum systems for homes and businesses alike. These powerful units provide top of the line filtration to thoroughly clean your space and better your living and working environment.

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