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Clean Up That Pet Dander – 4 Essential Tips to Finding a Vacuum for a Pet-Friendly Home

April 24th, 2019


You love your Golden Retriever but as with any pet, you hate cleaning up their hair. You can spend hours trying out all the internet hacks like picking up loose pet hair with tape or using a damp sponge on piles of hairballs. Stop! Save time cleaning and get better results with the best vacuum to rid you of pet hair disasters. Here are some tips for choosing a vacuum geared towards making your house pet dander free.

1. Vacuum with Attachments

A vacuum with multipleattachments including rectangle, crevice and scrubbing attachments are ideal for cleaning pet hair. Do you ever watch your pet wander around the house to suddenlycollapse with a “puff” sound as they lay on the floor? This is cute but their sudden movement and poof of wind causes their hair to waft into hard to reach locations.  

A rectangle and crevice attachment cleans spots that hide away from a basic vacuum wand. The long narrow end of the rectangle attachment contorts its way into corners where your animal’s hair is lurking. The crevice attachment will go a step further, sucking up dander around even harder to reach spaces like door jams and furnace vents.  

Your dog or cat loves to roll around and scratch themselves getting pet hair embedded in the carpet of your home. What do you do? Use your vacuum scrubbing attachment! What does a scrubbing attachment do? Hard bristles scrub pet hair into a ball lifting it away from the carpet fibres. An easy to use carpet attachment is perfect for cleaning messes from the rolly polly pet in your life.

2. A Multi-Surface Cleaning Vacuum

Pets roam around looking for a cool floor spot during a hot summer’s day or a cozy warm carpet in the winter. Look for a vacuum that has capabilities to clean both hard floors and carpets. You can purchasea vacuum with a switch to change from a carpet brush to smooth suction for hard flooring. A multi-capable vacuum means a multi-purpose excellent clean everywhere your pet decides to chill.

3. HEPA Filter

A high-efficiency particulate air filter is key for a pet-friendly household vacuum. Do you live with someone that sneezes constantly? Pet dander can float around the air in your home causing problems for you and your family’s health, especially for someone that has allergies or asthma.  

HEPA filters trap pollutants by forcing air through a fine mesh trapping particle. HEPA-equipped vacuums throw fewer dust mites and dirt back into the room, as compared to a vacuum without this filter; allergy symptoms may even improve. 

4. Powerful Suction

It is important for your vacuum to have powerful suction. A strong suction means your device will clean up hard to grab dust and fur stuck on the floors in your home. Generally, a minimum of 400 watts of power is what you need your vacuum to have in order to clean away pet dander.  

Vacuum Specialists carry a wide range of vacuums that are designed for picking up pet hair. Now that you know what to look for in your vacuum, be sure to find the best one to clean up that pet hair before your in-laws arrive. 

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