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The History Behind the Vacuum Cleaner

August 9th, 2019


We all know of the marvellous device that helps keep our houses and business spaces clean but what most of us do not know is how the vacuum created. Who invented such a thing and how has it evolved into the necessity we use today?

For centuries, people swept their way to a clean space. Straw brooms with bristles falling off created more mess at times than what was being brushed away. After this, sweepers were created but this too was not ideal, and sales were not prominent enough to keep the invention alive. In 1860, Daniel Hess decided to make a change to the sweeper by adding air to it. This addition allowed dust and dirt to be sucked up off the ground.

Later, the contraption that we now know as the vacuum got further updates which brought us closer to what we have today. Ives W. McGaffey invented the “Whirlwind” but this used a belt-driven fan and hand crank that needed to be used at the same time while pushing it across the desired surface. This made it very difficult to operate and needed two people to do the job. Yikes!

Afterward, the electric suction came into play by a store janitor, James Spangler. Mr. Spangler didn’t have enough money to mass-produce his invention and after showing it to his cousin, Susan Hoover, the Vacuum cleaner took its first step into becoming a household tool. One of the first buyers was William Hoover, the founder and president of the now-famous Hoover Company. Spangler sold his patent rights to Hoover who produced the first commercial bag-on-a-stick upright vacuum. The upright vacuum gave people comfort while moving around their house, taking bending over to clean, away. And, the name, Hoover, became synonymous with the Vacuum.

Today, vacuum cleaners come in many varieties and there is a wide range of companies to choose from. There are a variety of choices on the market from upright to handheld vacuums and everything in between. With parts made specifically to squeeze into small spaces or complete large-scale chores, there is a vacuum cleaner for every application.

Why is the vacuum such a great invention? It helps keep your homes and commercial zones clean while ensuring you are living and working in a healthy space free of allergens. A healthy life is helped by a vacuum. Vacuum cleaners expel dust, soil, pet hair, and other particles left floating around or sitting in cracks and crevices in your spaces. There are even vacuums built to wash and shampoo carpets, making an even cleaner area for you to spend your time.

Get rid of the dirt in and around your home and live a healthy, happy life with a vacuum cleaner that suits your requirements. The Vacuum Specialists are available to help you find what you need and will use their knowledge to ensure you get the best machine for your situation.

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