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Top 5 Ways to Test Out Your New Vacuum Cleaner

February 5th, 2020

Vacuum Cleaner

You have finally done it – purchased a new vacuum cleaner! Now that it’s home, how do you test it out to make sure you put your money into the right investment?

1. Ease of Cleaning

How easy is your new vacuum to use? Does it glide along with you every step of the way or does it stop you from going where you want? Did you just buy a cordless vacuum? Cordless models are great for making cleaning easy since they don’t have anything to get tangled up in or be dragged behind you. They are also often lighter than other vacuum styles, making your job a little less strenuous. When you want it to be easy and quick to vacuum your house, a cordless vacuum is a way to go.

2. Look

Yes, it might not be what comes to mind when thinking about the quality of your vacuum, but the look of your vacuum actually says a lot about how good it is. Really? When a vacuum looks cheap, it often is, and this means it is more likely to fall apart. You want to make sure the vacuum you purchased is made of sturdy material such as metal instead of some flimsy plastic. Does your vacuum look cute too? Bonus!

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3. Power

Does your vacuum have enough strength to clean up every last morsel on the ground? The great thing about a powerful suction is that you take less time out of your day to clean up because a strong vacuum means a clean room in one run instead of several. There is no point in owning a vacuum that needs multiple swipes over an area to clean up the mess. Check to make sure your vacuum has a narrow intake port. Why? The smaller the port, the quicker the particles will move.

4. Multiple Surfaces

Can your vacuum clean up multiple surfaces such as hardwood floors and carpet? This is ideal as you don’t want to stuff that already full closet with several cleaning appliances. Instead, you want one great device for all your vacuuming jobs. One multi-purpose vacuum makes cleaning convenient, so you don’t have to keep switching between various types of vacuums every time you clean a different room in your house. Take a breather knowing you have a vacuum that does it all!

You might have a need for more than one vacuum because of the many different sections in your house that require unique maneuverability. This is fine, just be sure you buy quality products.

5. Noise

What is that sound? You hate cleaning your house or commercial space with a constant loud hum following you. Get rid of those annoying noises when you vacuum by making sure the new one you bought is almost silent. What kind of vacuum is the quietest? Central vacuums are great because the motor is in a completely different area than that of where you are cleaning, usually in the garage or basement. Ah, the peace of quiet.

There you have it, 5 things to look for in your new vacuum. Does it pass the test? A vacuum is an investment that helps keep you away from allergens and makes your house tidy so make sure you check off everything on this list before buying a new vacuum

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