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What you should know about central vacuums?

September 27th, 2021

What you should know about central vacuums - Vacuum Specialists Calgary
What you should know about central vacuums – Vacuum Specialists Calgary

Cleaning is never a fun job but when you have a quality vacuum, getting the dust and dirt off your floors, upholstery, and hard to reach places is quick and easy. Central vacuums are a great tool for everyday residential cleaning and are perfect if you have a small or large commercial space to take care of.

What is a central vacuum?

A super-powerful vacuum installed into your space and made up of 3 parts:

  1. Power unit (Motor)
  2. Filtration system
  3. Dust collecting receptacle (Bucket or Bag)

Why would you want a central vacuum in Calgary?

Deep cleaning made easy

When you purchase a central vacuum from a Calgary central vacuum store, you can deep clean your space in almost no time at all. Built-in central vacuum systems are up to 3 times stronger than a portable vacuum.

If you need to clean your large space in a rush, a central vacuum will help. The strong motor will stay cooler than one in a portable vacuum, allowing you to clean more space in less time without your vacuum needing a break.

Central vacuums are quiet

A central vacuum’s motor is usually installed in the basement or garage, making it quiet while you clean. If someone is studying, watching TV, or meditating, a central vacuum will not disturb them.

Durable and long-lasting

Central vacuums are built with quality in mind. With proper maintenance and care, they can last years without ever giving up on you. Who doesn’t want a vacuum that performs amazingly and gets the job done quickly? With a central vacuum system, you are investing in a tool that is worth every penny.

What are the types of central vacuums you can get from a Calgary central vacuum store?

There are Few types of Central vacuum units:

  • Bagged Central Vacuum: This type of vacuum is the cleanest and is terrific if you are allergic to dust or you are unable to have venting outside of your home or commercial space .
  • Bagless Central Vacuum with an Inverted self cleaning Filter: This type of vacuum allows dirt to funnel in and around the filter and is a low maintenance unit at no extra cost .
  • Filtered Cyclonic Central Vacuum with a replaceable or washable filter : This central vacuum allows small particles to filter out and will require some maintenance .
  • All Cyclonic Central Vacuum: Heavy particles in this type of central vacuum fall to the bottom of the canister while small particles filter outside this type of unit will require venting. This type of unit is a high maintenance unit .

When deciding on a central vacuum, what should you take into consideration?

  • Suction: How large the space is that you are cleaning determines how much power you need and the size of motor you should consider.
  • Cubic Feet per minute (CFM): The airflow measurement which helps determine the suction strength.
  • Air Watts: One of the best ways to measure the suction power of your vacuum is by knowing the air watt number.
  • Canister Material: The canister comes in steel or plastic. This bucket-like container should hold more than 15 litres of gunk.

With this information, you should now be more prepared to purchase a central vacuum system for your home or office space. Be sure to speak to one of our expert reps to help you choose a good quality central vacuum.

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