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Why You Need A Carpet Cleaner

January 2nd, 2020

Carpet Cleaner

Why should you use a carpet cleaner when you vacuum regularly? Vacuuming is great but there are some reasons you need to use a carpet cleaner.

Helps Sell Your Home

Are you putting your house on the market? A sprucing up would help you sell your home and part of this should be ensuring your carpets are rid of stains and dust. A good carpet cleaning can get your carpet looking brand new again. When you sell your home, buyers often take into consideration the shape of the flooring to see whether the price of the home matches the quality. Dirty floors will put a downer on the price of your house or could even ruin the sale entirely.

Steer clear of dirty carpets and keep your home ready for that new homeowner with carpets that shine like the rest of your home.

Keeps Allergens Away

What causes allergens? Dust and dirt. Dust and dirt hide in the tuffs of your carpet and without a deep clean, are never removed. Do you want to cough, sneeze and deal with a cold or flu the entire time you are living in your home? No? Stay healthy by ensuring you shampoo out those allergy-causing particles from your carpet. You can get a quality carpet cleaner from the Vacuum Specialists to keep your house looking and feeling clean all year round.

Improves Your Air Quality

You just got a new carpet installed in your home. It is as clean as can be so why would you need a carpet cleaner? A new carpet is probably the main reason you should clean your carpets. If this sounds weird, it’s not because some brand-new carpet contains VOCs. What are VOCs? Volatile Organic Compounds. How do VOC’s enter your air? Through a process called carpet off-gassing where the chemicals used to adhere the carpet to the backing are released into your home.

There is a strong stench that comes with these chemicals which will go away within one to two days. To get rid of the majority of VOC’s that stick around after this initial period, you should clean your carpets with your carpet cleaner and some hot water. The cleaning and temperature of the water will help diminish the VOC’s. Why would you want to get rid of the VOC’s from your new carpet? These compounds can cause respiratory problems and no one wants this.

Improve the look and feel of your space while breathing easier and living a healthier life with the simple addition of a carpet cleaner into your life.

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