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Why Your Vacuum is Your Best Friend this Spring?

March 20th, 2020


Winter is finally coming to an end and you can smell the fresh scent of spring just around the corner but what is that other smell you can detect? It is coming from the places you spend most of your time. Ewwwww, your favourite couch smells a little funky and you can see little white particles of dust rising into the air when you plop down to watch TV. You need to consider doing some spring cleaning in and around your home.

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Where should you start when tackling the job of spring cleaning?

A good place to begin is to have a good look at all your furniture. The winter months have caused a little extra dust and dirt to track through your home. Get out your portable vacuum or hook up your built-in vacuum system and go to town. Lift the cushions off your couches and chairs, vacuuming up all the little bits of stuff underneath.

You should know that not only will you come across crumbs, but you will also be sucking up the microscopic particles that have settled from the air. A good vacuuming of all the cushions and anywhere else you have upholstery will help freshen the scent of all your furniture.

What about the carpets and area rugs?

Your carpets are the perfect hiding place for tracked in dirt and dust from the bottom of all your winter footwear. Boots and shoes are notorious for clinging onto salt and sand from the sidewalks and roadways. You need to take a little extra time to thoroughly vacuum all carpeted areas of your home including underneath furniture and behind cabinets and tables.

Germs are lurking around every corner. By using a vacuum with a good filtration system, you will be able to remove a lot of the allergy-causing particles from your flooring surfaces. Don’t forget to go over all your carpet and area rugs to make sure you have a complete clean.

What about vacuuming your vehicle?

When doing your spring cleaning around the house be sure to include all your vehicles. No point vacuuming your house if you just track all the dirt back in from your dirty floor mat in your car! Before you begin cleaning your vehicle’s mats and carpeted surfaces, make sure you give each mat a good shake outside to remove any large stones or glass that may cause damage to your vacuum cleaner. You may want to have a separate vacuum for cleaning your car so you can keep it handy in the garage for more regular use.

Vacuum Specialists in Calgary can supply you with a variety of vacuums from portable models to built-in vacuums. Be sure to start to spring off with a good thorough cleaning so you can take time to relax when the days get longer, and the temperature rises. Make friends with your vacuum, this is a relationship that can last a lifetime!

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