Beam 375LE Fall Special Edition Central Vacuum

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Beam Fall Special Edition Central Vacuum Cleaner
Now for a limited time get Beam’s most popular central vacuum power unit at an unbelievable price! Based on the Beam 375LE, this 000370 Fall Special Edition contains a 650 air watt motor which allows it to effectively clean areas up to 8000 square feet. It will also do a great job in any area under that size. To quickly clean hardwood and bare floors this machine uses a soft-start motor with tapered fans, which drastically increase air flow over other types of central vacuums. This increased air flow helps to pick up and carry away debris without having to make multiple passes, while the soft-start motor gradually reaches full strength to help reduce premature wear. The easy twist-off bucket holds 15 litres of debris and is embedded with an antibacterial agent called AlphaSan deigned to minimize unpleasant odours.

For peace of mind, and easier maintenance, the Beam Fall Special Edition carries a lifetime warranty on the permanent filter. This means you do not need to replace or clean the Gore Technologies™ HEPA CleanStream™ filter. The self-cleaning design is made by the developers of Gore Tex™, and due to the filter material will capture and retain dust particles while at the same time maintaining proper airflow throughout the life of the machine. If the central vacuum is installed in a garage the utility inlet built in to the front of the canister will make it easier to clean vehicles as you can plug a hose directly into the inlet.

Regardless where the central vacuum unit is installed, a quiet operation is key to a pleasant experience. Beam Serenity vacuums utilize the Quiet Pak™ sound insulation around the motor housing, and a Sound-Off Muffler™ on the exhaust, to reduce air turbulence which greatly reduced the overall noise of the machine.

Key Features:

650 air watt 13 amp motor.
5.7″ dual suction fan motor for better airflow.
Soft start motor for increased life.
Sound level 72.3 dBA
Gore Technologies™ HEPA CleanStream™ self cleaning filter
6′ power cord.
Bagless easy twist off receptacle.
15 litre antibacterial lined receptacle.
Utility inlet on front of unit.
10 year motor and electronics warranty.
Lifetime warranty on non electrical parts including filter.
1 year labour warranty.


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