Beam Alliance 600SA & Beam Alliance Q Package

This space-saving, central vacuum system brings conveniece and powerful cleaning to smaller spaces. Ideal for townhomes and condos, it offers more cleaning power than most top-of-the line central vacs.

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Simple Smart Screen
The BEAM Alliance Simple Smart Screen on the model 600SA power unit lets you know your central vacuum system is running smoothly
and informs you if there is a performance issue.
 Alliance Interface and Speed Control
The interface informs about system performance while vacuuming. The speed control adjusts, so that maximum power is available for 
carpets, and gentle air flow takes care of drapes and lampshades.
Quick Clean Valve
Opens easily with one touch. Makes it easy to clean in and around your garage or car, or wherever your power unit is located. There 
is no need to install additional valves.
Self Cleaning Filter
Exclusive BEAM Self-Cleaing Filter with GORE technology filters 98% of particles down to 0.3 microns while it protects and prolongs 
motor life. No need to ever purchase a filter bag or clean your filter.
Double-D Nozzle
The Double-D Nozzle improves airflow and cleaning performance while decreasing noise from the hose handle
System On Indicator
The System On Indicator Icon illuminates the display when the unit is on and ready to operate.
Q- Accessory Package
Offers three-level height adjustment, on/off brushroll, variable speed control, 2-way communication from hose handle to power unit, 
13" Premium Bare Floor Brush, 3-in-1 Cleaning Tool and a hose hanger.




  • Sound Suppression: 68 dB
  • Press & Release Bucket: 4 gal
  • Quick Clean Valve: Non-Powered
  • Filtration: Self Cleaning Gore™ Filter
  • Muffler: Yes
  • Smart Screen: Intelligent
  • System On Indicator: Yes
  • LED Backlit & Ring: No
  • Motion Sensor: No
  • Empty Bucket Icon: No
  • Performance Bars: No
  • Hose Link Icon: Yes
  • Navigation Button: No
  • Motor Fault Icon: Yes
  • Clock: No
  • Error Code: No



Beam Alliance 600SA US Specs (PDF)

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 15 × 36 in

'@Hand PowerBrush (Discounted with the purchase of a Beam package)

Hose length

30' Hose, 35' Hose




120 V



Airflow (CFM)


Waterlift (in)



HE Flow-Thru


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