Beam Precision Attachment Kit

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This attachment set includes:

powerhead The 30ft Electric Hose has a 3-way switch on the handle. This hose will not only turn the powerhead on and off, it will also control the suction with the slider switch. When you used in conjunction with Beam Alliance Power Units, this variable control means the suction can be increased or decreased depending on the cleaning task involved. The hose will work for pigtail or direct connect. It comes with both options.
powerhead The Precision Powerhead A swivel neck allows for easy maneuverability under and around furniture, and the built in LED headlight helps you pick up objects you shouldn’t. However, in the case you do, an overload protection prevents the belt from breaking. This powerhead is ideal for low, medium, and even thick pile carpeting and offers 4 levels of height adjustment making it customizable for your specific needs.

An important feature is this powerhead’s Brush Roll Clean Technology. With the press of a button any build up will be removed from the brush bar and sucked away by the vacuum. This is especially convenient for homes with pets or people with long hair as hair can hinder a powerhead quickly.

powerhead A 13 inch barefloor brush made with natural hair is perfect for any hard surface you want to clean. With the larger brush, you can clean more flooring in less time. It is great for tile, marble, vinyl, laminate, and hardwood floors. Even if your floors have deep grout, the brushes on this tool will grab the dirt out of the cracks on every pass. The swivel design allows you to get low, underneath counters and furniture. A central vacuum bare floor tool makes quick work of cleaning because they are light and easy to use. If you have throw rugs, a bare floor tool will also allow you to gently clean them without worrying about sucking them up.
wand The Integrated Telescopic Wand has an E-Z release pedal for removing the wand and using your barefloor brush or other accessories in a snap. The wand features an impressive 180 degree swivel at the wand to powerhead connection. The integrated telescoping wand can adjust to the perfect height for any user. This attachment set comes with a telescoping wand. However, some people want more wands, so you may want to consider purchasing extra. An extra set of wands allows you to extend your cleaning capability beyond the length of two wands (traditionally 42”). If you have high ceilings or ceiling fans, an extra set of extension wands can really be handy for getting those hard to reach areas.
dustbrush The 3-in-1 Tool converts to a dust brush, crevice tool, and upholstery tool. A small tool with full bristles, the dusting brush has traditionally been used for dusting furniture, baseboards, lamps, and lamp shades. You can go even further with a good dusting brush and take your cleaning to a new level. This 3-in-1 brush is ideal for cleaning screens, air conditioning vents, furniture, upholstery, crevices, refrigerator coils, permanent air filters, ceiling fans, blinds, window frames, crown molding, and light fixtures.
powerhead The Beam Square Adaptor is included. This adaptor allows the Electrolux/Beam/Honeywell oblong “square neck” wand and hose to adapt to universal non-electric tools.
powerhead A hose hanger included allows you to easily store your vacuum hose when not in use. Mount it on the wall of the garage or a closet door to keep your vacuum hose neatly stored and avoid kinks.
A tool caddy is included and clips to the wand so that the 3-in-1 tool is always easily accessible.

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30' Hose, 35' Hose


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