BEAM Serenity 650AW Central Vacuum (ELF Limited Edition)


This BEAM Serenity 650AW Central Vacuum can assure you the ultimate in quiet and lasting cleaning performance.

The Serenity Quiet Series model is designed with a new more powerful higher-efficiency motor, new HEPA CleanStream™ Filtration System, exclusive patented Quiet Pak™ sound insulation and paetented Sound Off™ muffler. The BEAM Serenity power units are designed to run much quieter with its Quiet Pak™ sound insulation system. A Sound-Off Muffler™ is mounted to the exhaust to silence the air turbulence coming out of the machine which drastically reduces excessive noise. Also, surrounding the motor is a sound insulation wrap and carbon filter for better air quality around the unit.

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The BEAM Serenity 650AW Central Vacuum -ELF Limited

  1. Quiet Pak™ Sound Insulation System
    Makes BEAM one of the quietest central vacuums in the industry.
  2. Utility Valve
    Built-in utility inlet for garage or basement use. Conveniently vacuum out your car or clean your basement or garage by plugging a hose          directly into the utility inlet on the power unit.
  3. Self-Cleaning Filter
    You’ll never need to clean your filter. The Gore® Self-Cleaning Filter cleans itself every time you turn your vacuum off.
  4. Powerful Whole House Cleaning
    550 to 1045 air watts of power to clean 3500 to 12000 square feet. No matter what your home size there is a BEAM Serenity that will fit your cleaning needs perfectly
  5. Anti-Vibration Mounting System
    The anti-vibration mounting system keeps your unit in place for quiet low-maintenance operation.


Packages are available

10 pieces air package of gas pump hose : Shop now

10 pieces air package of pistol grip hose : Shop now


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Air Power: 650 airwatts
Waterlift: 122”
Airflow: 121 CFM
Input Watts(Max): 1400
Amps: 11.7
Dirt Capacity: 15 litre/4 Gallon
Size: 36” tall, 15” diameter
Boxed Weight: 12.3 kg
Boxed Size Cubic: 4.63 cu. ft.
Sound Level: 68 dB
Colour: Emerald Green
Motor: 140374 High Efficiency Domel Flo Thru Motor
Control Module: 100629
Warranty: 7 Years Parts
Bag Adaptor and Bag included


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