Carpet Pro CPU-250 Heavy Duty Upright Vacuum Cleaner


The Carpet Pro CPU 250 Heavy Duty Upright Vacuum Cleaner offers you the powerful cleaning of the Carpet Pro brand- but now with an adjustable brush roll! This model will handle all pile carpeting, and all hard flooring that can be cleaned with a spinning brush roll. With a telescoping wand, flexible hose, and on board cleaning attachments, this upright will be able to clean all those hard to reach areas in your home with ease. It’s lightweight and sleek design, allows for easy maneuverability and a lightweight feel.

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The Carpet Pro Heavy Duty CPU-250 Upright Vacuum Cleaner is able to clean all pile carpeting with it’s 5 height adjustable brush roll. It’s also safe to use on any hard flooring that can also be cleaned with a spinning brush roll- but if you have delicate hard flooring, please consult your flooring manufacturer. We love this model on mostly carpeted surfaces, with smaller areas of hard flooring. With this models telescoping wand and flexible hose, you are able to clean hard to reach areas, and smaller areas such as drawers, closets, upholstered surfaces, and high reach areas. This model weighs about 20 pounds, and has a nice carrying handle if you need to move to different levels of your home


  • 12 AMP Motor
  • 5 Height Adjustable Brush Roll
  • Foam Filter
  • 30 Foot Cord


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