Central Vacuum short 90 degree Tee

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The central vacuum 90 Degree Short Tee Fitting fitting is suitable for various wall applications that involve additional pipe lines oriented horizontally or vertically. Thus, central vacuum users can mount such an installation component to connect various pipe lines unfolding over different floors. Also, they can attach it to a utility inlet prior to its entrance into a cyclonic central vacuum system. Whichever the case, it is compulsory that the fitting be mounted at the correct location, which is right behind the central vacuum inlet valve.

As with all fittings used with PVC piping systems, the 90 Degree Short Tee Fitting is also highly durable due to its PVC composition, which is visible over the entire surface of the component. The internal surface allows an improved airflow management whenever the central vacuum system the fitting is connected to is in use. The principle behind this improved airflow management is to reduce the friction that occurs between the material covering the surface and the air that circulates through the pipe.

Although designed to address complex applications too, the central vacuum 90 Degree Short Tee Fitting fitting is small in size and has a very simple design. These two aspects also make it easier to use, which is a major advantage in the case of fittings designed for use in narrow spaces. Moreover, it is lightweight as a result of the above mentioned PVC composition. As far as the pipes and their size are concerned, they must meet the standard sizing requirements in order to fit in, which imply an outside diameter of two inches.


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