Drainvac Atomik 6-30 Portable System


The NEW Drainvac Atomik gives you the versatility to “take it on the go” or mount it on your wall. With its extremely powerful 670 air watt Domel European all metal motor, there is no regular size central vac in its class that can compete with the compact, powerful and versatile Drainvac Atomik.

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Drainvac introduces a new and exciting line of central vacuums to complement their existing line of groundbreaking products. Big & bulky vacuums are not in anymore… Smaller yet powerful is the trend.

The Drainvac Atomik, small yet mighty, engineered to be powerful and compact all at the same time. Developed to be used with or without in home central vacuum piping. That’s right, no need for in-wall piping. The Drainvac Atomik can be portable or wall mounted giving you the capability to take it with you wherever needed.

GREAT FOR: Small Homes Up To 2500+ sq feet, Rentals, Apartments, Garages, RV, Townhomes, Condos, Motor Home, Boats, Yachts, Trailers, Office Buildings, Airplanes, Dental Offices, Coffee Shops, Cottages, Vacation Homes, Cleaning Crews, Multi-Level Homes, vehicles, commercial spaces, cottages, etc. Moving? Take it with you!

Powerful: The Drainvac Atomik is engineered with an astonishing 670 Air-watts (suction power). This is sufficient enough to pull a home up to 8,000 square feet. This capability allows the Atomik to be used in multi-level homes.

Reliable: The Atomik is a self-sufficient vacuum which means insert
a hose and create suction. Heavy duty industrial gauge brushed stainless steel metal construction truly designed for durability. Rustproof, high-quality metal lock in dirt retainer clamps, and can be installed in as little as three minutes. Drainvac Atomik for cars Manufactured with a 5-year motor warranty and a lifetime housing warranty, only premium top quality parts and unparalleled craftsmanship are used when building each Drainvac Atomik Mobile Central Vacuum. Every unit is handmade by DrainVac.

Atomik 6-30 Portable Essential: With noise suppression, an acoustic technology quiet operation is ensured. Disposable cloth vacuum bags allow for better filtration, cleaner air and an easy, more hygienic waste disposal system. Any length of vacuum hose can be used with the Drainvac Atomik. Either one of our top quality hoses, from the 30ft standard to the largest 50ft, will adapt to this groundbreaking innovation. RV motorhome

New Activac Hepa type exhaust filter means better filtration, purer air which is a great feature for allergy & asthma sufferers. Another first from DrainVac!

670 Air Watts
125 Waterlift
Airflow: 140 CFM
Up to 2000 Sq Ft
Quiet Operation- 64dB
Take It On the Go or Mount it to the Wall
22 Gauge Brushed Finish Stainless Steel All Metal Unit
Disposable Cloth Vacuum Bags


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