Drainvac SAC-20 Central Vacuum Bags

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Product Description: 

  • Bag Capacity : 9gal.(41L)
  • The 3 plies offer a high efficient filtration.
  • Household use, easy to install!
  • Adhesive film to seal the bag for clean disposal

Fits Models: 

  • Summum and G2 series with 2 motors built since May 2012
  • Pro2, G2, Summum 2000 series carrying a metal cage built before April 2012
  • 1 Motor built between May 2012 and April 2014
  • 2 Motors built since May 2012

Quantity Per Package:

Includes 2 Bags Per Package

Changing your central vacuum bag when full is critical to performance and continued power. When the vacuum bag is full, airflow can be restricted, cutting down on the power of your unit and making the system work a little harder.


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