DrainVac SEPA-03 Pneumatik Separator Central Vacuum

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Product Description

  • Drainvac SEPA-03 is a motor-less commercial unit that can be added to an existing central vacuum system.
  • Allowing for collection of thick dust, broken glass, and stones. Drainvac SEPA-03 increases the lifespan of your vacuum system and prevents pipe blockages.
  •  This separator can be placed on top of a waste container to avoid the repetitive task of emptying waste.
  • Collects dense materials before they clog up your vacuum system
  • Pneumatic system automatically empties into a waste container
  • Less maintenance: no more emptying waste
  • Cost and time savings from reduced labor
  • Ultra-large-capacity canister (12 gal. / 54 L)
  • Can be added to any vacuum system
  • Made in Canada


Key Specification

  • Capacity: 54 L
  • Size: 38 cm dia. x 130 cm


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