DrainVac SEPA24-C Separator Central Vacuum


The DrainVac SEPA24-C Separator is a motor-less unit that can be added to any existing central vacuum system. It collects thick dust, broken glass, stones and liquids and increases the lifespan of your vacuum system and prevents pipe blockages.

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This Cyclonic-action separator is designed to collect dense materials and liquids before they clog up your vacuum system and can be added to any existing central vacuum system.
This motor-less separator can be installed near the work area for easy maintenance while the vacuum system is located elsewhere to reduce noise.
The separator can also pick up liquids without risk even if the vacuum system is not designed for this purpose.

* This unit has no motor and needs to be used with another vacuum system.

Protects the vacuum by functioning as a collection unit
Large-capacity canister (9 gal. / 41 L)
2-ply paper dust bag included
Made in Canada

Waterlift: 138
CFM: 138
Decibels: 60
Motor(s): 1
Amps: 13.2
Capacity: 17 L
Size: 30 cm dia. x 58 cm
Air Watts: 800


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