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The ever-popular Dyson Animal Tool is now part of the perfect kit for dog owners using a Dyson vacuum cleaner. This kit comes complete with four, Dyson engineered accessories to prevent dog hair from spreading throughout the home and clean it up easily when it does. Pet hair is the number one complaint of dog owners, and with this kit, it will be a worry of the past. This kit is compatible with all Dyson upright and canister vacuum cleaners.



The Stiff Bristle Brush
The Dyson stiff bristle brush is a great tool for loosening
ground in dirt or mud tracked in by dogs. The tool is also ideal
for cleaning ground in dirt in vehicles, especially tracked in by
dogs. The stiff bristles loosen dirt, the vacuum sucks it away.

The Zorb Groomer
The Dyson zorb groomer has been a favorite of DC15 and DC17 owners for years, and is now available for all Dyson upright vacuums in this handy kit for pet owners. The groomer
has long bristles that work the Zorb powder deep into carpet.

The Zorb Powder
The Zorb powder comes with many Dyson vacuum
 cleaners and is a unique cleaning powder designed
by Dyson for use with the Dyson vacuum cleaners.
The Dyzolv Spot Cleaner
The Dyzolv spot cleaner removes stubborn spots and spills such as greases, food, drink, and dirt.

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