Dyson Cinetic Big Ball™ Multi Floor Canister Vacuum


Other manufacturers make big, bold claims about their vacuums never losing suction, but the reality is they do. They can’t generate centrifugal forces high enough to separate the smaller particles of dust and dirt. Instead, they rely on filters to capture these particles. However, dust quickly builds up on these filters, clogging the pores and blocking the airflow – causing the vacuum to lose suction. Even regularly washing the filter can’t remove all the dust. So no matter what they say, all other vacuums will lose suction.The Dyson Cinetic vacuum, on the other hand, is the only vacuum that doesn’t lose suction. And that’s because Dyson Cinetic™ science has revolutionized vacuum cleaner technology – it captures the microscopic dust that clogs all others. Dyson Cinetic™ tips oscillate at up to 5,000 Hz, separating the microscopic dust that clogs all other vacuums, and preventing dust building up and blocking the airflow. In fact, dust separation is so efficient that a pre-motor filter is simply not necessary.

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Most homes have a mixture of carpeting and bare floor surfaces, which is where the Dyson Cinetic Multi Floor gets it’s name from. Included is the carbon fibre turbine head, which is primarily used for cleaning low and medium pile carpeting. Traditional power heads or turbine heads are not ideal for use on non-carpeted surfaces, but the rows of carbon fibres in this turbine head actually remove the fine dust from bare floors and helps to reduce static. For added convenience the Dyson Articulating Hard Floor tool also comes with the package. This tool is the best option when cleaning hard floors as it allows you to get into tight spaces and around furniture legs. When detailed cleaning is required the crevice tool with pop-out dusting brush, stair tool, or soft dusting brush, can be attached to the end of the wand or directly to the hose handle.

In life, and in cleaning, accidents happen. To conquer the dreaded tipped over vacuum Dyson engineers have lowered the centre of gravity on the Big Ball canisters. This has increased the stability of the vacuum, and with its self righting design allows the machine to return to the proper position if it happens to get knocked over. When a vacuum is pulled throughout the home, or when it’s used for above floor cleaning, the vacuum hose can get twisted and tangled where it connects to the handle. The Dyson Big Ball vacuums now use an articulating pivot point with a full 360° rotation in the handle removing this issue leaving you with a smooth ride and kink free cleaning.

Cinetic technology allows the cyclones to effectively separate air from the dirt particles recovered from the floor. The oscillating tips prevent dirt from building up and only allow air, not dirt, to exit the cyclones. This has removed the need for a pre-motor filter. Installed in the machine is a permanent filter, which does not require washing or replacing. All of the collected debris is stored in the dirt bin that is easily emptied with the hygienic dirt ejector. Simply push down on the button to release the bottom of the bucket, and allow the silicone wiper to push everything off the shroud and out into the garbage.

Key Features:

Single speed motor with 215 Air Watts of power.
12″ cleaning path.
Dyson Cinetic Cyclone Technology.
Lifetime filter never requires removing, cleaning, or replacing (built-in).
Self-righting feature for accidental tip overs.
21′ power cord with automatic cord winder.
1.6 litre bagless recovery container.
5 year warranty.
The weight of the vacuum only is 17.6 pounds.

On-board tools include a combo crevice-dusting brush and upholstery tool.
Air Driven Nozzle designed for most carpet types.
6′ crush proof hose.
Telescopic plastic wand.
12″ Articulating hard floor brush.
Soft dusting brush.


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