Dyson DC22 / DC 24 / DC25 / DC26 / DC27 / DC33 / DC40 / DC41 / DC50 / V6 Combination Tool – OEM


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Product Description: 

  • Compatible for Dyson DC22 Allergy/DC22 Animal/DC22 Multi Floor/DC24/DC25 Animal/DC25 Animal/DC25 Blitz it/DC25 DRAWING Limited Edition/DC25 Muliti Floor Exclusive/DC25 Multi Floor/DC25 Multi Floor/DC25 Multi Floor Exclusive/DC25 Multi Floor Exclusive/DC25 Overdrive/ DC25i/DC25i/DC26 Multi Floor plus Carbon fibre turbine head/DC27 All Floors/DC27 Animal/DC33 Animal/DC33 Animal/DC33 Multi Floor/DC33 Multi Floor Argos Exclusive/DC33 Stubborn/DC33i/DC40/DC41/DC50/V6
  • Combination Tool is a convenient debris nozzle with a velour strip that converts to a brush tool.
  • Dyson OEM #914338-01
  • Sold one per package


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