Dyson DC77 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum


Other manufacturers make big, bold claims about their vacuums never losing suction, but the reality is they do. They can’t generate centrifugal forces high enough to separate the smaller particles of dust and dirt. Instead, they rely on filters to capture these particles. However, dust quickly builds up on these filters, clogging the pores and blocking the airflow – causing the vacuum to lose suction. Even regularly washing the filter can’t remove all the dust. So no matter what they say, all other vacuums will lose suction.

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Dyson Cinetic™ science
DC77, on the other hand, is the only vacuum that doesn’t lose suction. And that’s because Dyson Cinetic™ science has revolutionized vacuum cleaner technology – it captures the microscopic dust that clogs all others. Dyson Cinetic™ tips oscillate at up to 5,000 Hz, separating the microscopic dust that clogs all other vacuums, and preventing dust building up and blocking the airflow. In fact, dust separation is so efficient that a pre-motor filter is simply not necessary.

No dirty filters to wash or replace
Dust separation in Dyson Cinetic™ vacuums is so efficient that there are no dirty filters to wash or replace.

Better overall performance than any other vacuum, with HEPA filtration
This vacuum has the highest geometric average when carpet, hard floor and creviced hard floor pick-up results are combined. Tested against the upright market, dust-loaded.

Self-adjusting cleaner head
An active base plate automatically adjusts the cleaner head height to seal in suction across carpets and hard floors. This ensures that even the microscopic particles between floorboards are sucked up into the vacuum.The motorized brush bar with stiff nylon bristles drives deep into carpet to remove ground-in dirt.

Ball™ technology
Ball™ technology – a dynamic turning circle.
Fixed wheels are not designed to turn corners. But a ball can turn on the spot. As the ball’s axis is tilted, its turning circle tightens – allowing full and accurate steering control. The vacuum’s key components have been engineered to fit inside the ball itself. This gives the machine a streamlined profile, allowing access to tight spaces and lowering its centre of gravity to make it lighter in the hand.

Multi-angle brush
The Dyson Multi-angle brush twists to give multiple angles to remove dust, dirt and allergens from hard to reach surfaces such as cupboard tops, door frames and lampshades. The rotating joints click-lock into different positions for cleaning at multiple angles.

Mattress tool
The Dyson Mattress tool attaches to the wand or hose on your Dyson vacuum cleaner to remove dirt, allergens and dust mites from mattresses and upholstery.The front and back edges gather, ball and release fibers into the airflow, where they are sucked away. The top is angled to distribute suction power evenly across the tool. A 45 degree neck angle and rounded front make it easier to push across fabric, carpet pile and mattresses.

Stiff bristle brush
With stiff bristles for removing mud and dried-in dirt

Whole-machine HEPA filtration
Other vacuums often have inefficient cyclones, which means that microscopic particles like mould spores and pollen make their way through to the filter. If the machine isn’t properly sealed, these allergens and other microscopic particles escape back into the home. Dyson Cinetic™ science captures allergens and bacteria. And the whole system is engineered to be completely sealed. That’s why DC77 has been certified asthma & allergy friendly™ by the Asthma Society of Canada. It went through an independent program of rigorous tests, meeting – and exceeding – the strict criteria.

Instant release wand
The hose and wand releases in one smooth action, making it easy to clean up high.

Hygienic bin emptying
Just push the button to release the dirt.

Voted Most Trusted Brand In Canada for vacuum cleaners
Voted most trusted vacuum cleaner brand by Canadian shoppers based on the 2015 BrandSpark Canadian Shopper Study.


On board combination dusting brush and narrow upholstery tool.
On board stair and upholstery tool.
Stiff bristle brush for removing dried dirt.
Multi-angle dusting brush for hard to reach areas.
Mattress tool for wide area upholstery and mattress cleaning.
12′ quick draw stretch hose for cleaning high areas and stairs.
Removable extension wand.

How to reset your Dyson Small Ball™ vacuum’s brush bar

Amperage:11.6 A
Package Height (in):37.05 in
Assembled Width (cm):43.70 cm
Package Weight (kg):11.70 kg
Cord Length (ft):35.4 ft
Package Weight (lb):25.79 lb
Cord Length (m):10.80 m
Package Width (cm):30.00 cm
Floor Surface:All Floor Types
Package Width (in):11.81 in
Package Depth (cm):30.80 cm
Product Model Number:206152-01
Package Depth (in):12.13 in
Vacuum Type:Upright Vacuum
Package Height (cm):94.10 cm
Wand Material:Plastic
5 year warranty covers parts and labor


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