Esteam Eclean Green Emulsifier – 4 L


Esteam Emulsifier has been developed for the world of environmentally responsible cleaning.

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This unique blend of eco friendly ingredients comes together to create a concentrated emulsifier that breaks up greasy residue and suspends soils for easy extraction. Green-Line Emulsifier meets or exceeds the environmental choice criteria for green cleaning in today’s world.

Shake well before using.
Pretest in an inconspicuous location for color fastness and
fibre stability.
Portable use: Mix 2 oz (59 ml) of Green-Line Emulsifier per
5 gal (18.9 L) of warm to hot water (1:320).
For heavy soil conditions mix 4 oz (118 ml) per 5 gal (18.9 L) of warm to hot water (1:160).
Truckmount Metering System: Mix 40 oz (1.18 L) of Green-Line Emulsifier into 5 gal (18.9L) of warm to hot water. This will make a ready to use stock solution for metering systems. Set meter at 2 GPH depending on application and soil condition.
Truckmount Tank Mix: Mix 40 oz (1.18 L) of Green-Line
Emulsifier per 100 gal (378 L) of freshwater. Dilution may
vary depending on soil conditions.
For Best Results: Vacuum after carpet is dry.


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