Fresh Wave Odor Removing Spray- 2oz (2-Packs)


Fresh Wave Odor Removing Spray – Wherever you go, Fresh Wave Spray is your fresh air essential. These 2 oz travel sprays will clear the air of odors in hotels, gyms, cars, and public restrooms. Pack them in your purse or laptop bag and give your clothes a quick refresh when you’re on the move. It’s never been easier (or safer for people, pets, and the planet) to deodorize your surroundings and find your own inner peace.

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  • Naturally eliminates a wide spectrum of odors without using or adding fragrances or chemicals.
  • Removes all grease, grime
  • Remove bad smells
  • Natural ingredients: non-toxic, non-GMO, and non-hazardous
  • Smells naturally nice

How To Use

  1. Shake spray bottle gently before using
  2. Spray on upholstery, in the air, or on surfaces
  3. Odors and plant oil scent will disappear as they work

(Hint: For delicate materials like silk, test to avoid spotting)


Water & Plant Extracts (Lime, Pine Needle, Aniseed, Clove and Cedar Wood



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