Ghibli/Johnny Vac AS6/JV6 Vacuum With Lindhaus PB12E 12” Powerhead Kit


Ghibli AS6 is designed for both domestic and commercial use with the needs of the user in mind. The large over-molded wheels and front 360 degree casters allow for quiet operation on hard floor and fantastic maneuverability, making cleaning as effortless as possible. The AS6 is ideal for restaurant. Six stages of filtration with an exhaust air channel that won’t blow dirt into the air.

The Lindhaus patented Dry Cleaning System 38 is a perfect solution to clean and sanitize carpets and rugs with no risk and minimal effort. It scrubs the Lindhaus compound until it penetrates into the fibers reducing bacteria and dust mites. It’s equipped with a 10 Mt. (35ft.) cord, ergonomic handle and aluminum telescopic wand for the maximum operator comfort.

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About Ghibli/Johnny Vac AS6/JV6

This heavy duty commercial vacuum cleaner is powerful and well-equipped. Due to its low noise level it is the perfect tool for commercial cleanings in hotels, offices and other commercial spaces. With its integrated power outlet it is possible to add an optional power nozzle for carpet cleaning. Two types of electric hoses are available as well.

The Lindhaus series was designed to give a professional solution for the specific requirements of the customer. Lindhaus engineered this accessory like a machine, it is equipped with the most sophisticated technical features in the world. Long service life and low vibration levels, are achieved with superior engineering and precision manufacturing. All rotating components are balanced and protected by electronic controls. Proven integrated circuits protect the motor and the transmission from overload and assist the operator in making the most efficient brush height setting. Rugged and efficient power brush picks up what others leave behind. With non-marking rubber tires and an electrical switch position to stop the power brush motor, the transition to hard floor saves time and reduces airborne dust.

Ghibli/Johnny Vac AS6/JV6 Features:

  • Lid Handle
  • Dry Vacuum
  • Non-Marking Wheels/Casters
  • HEPA Filtration
  • On-Board Tool
  • Electrical Outlet to add a Power Nozzle
  • Swivel Casters/Wheels
  • Optional: Complete Electric Hose with Metal Handle
  • Optional: Complete Electric Hose with Gaz Pump Handle
  • Optional: HEPA Paper Bag


  • AS6 Vacuum
  • Lindhaus PB12E 12” Power Head With Telescopic Wand – 1 Year Warranty
  • 8′ (2.5 m) Vacuum Hose
  • 12″ (30 cm) Floor Brush
  • 5 1/2″ (14 cm) Upholstery Brush
  • Dust Brush
  • Crevice Tool
  • 2 Metal Wands
  • 1 Cartridge HEPA Filter
  • 1 Washable Motor Filter
  • 1 Exhaust Filter
  • Paper Bag
  • 2-Year Warranty


Technical Data:

  • Accessory Diameter: 1 1/4″ (32 mm)
  • Watts: 1300 W
  • CFM: 127 CFM
  • Sealed Suction (Water Lift): 105″
  • Tank Capacity: 15 L (4,0 gal)
  • Noise Level: 59 dB


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