Karcher SG3 BP Gum Remover #10131050


The SG3 C Bp Gum Remover safely and easily removes gum from hard and soft floors in a matter of seconds.

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Unique technology quickly vaporizes gum through a combination of heat and green, environmentally safe detergent. This means you can have a facility with no more unsightly black marks on your floors
Our canister-style design keeps all of the weight off of the operator’s shoulders, ensuring hours of ergonomic, strain-free operation
The backpack version features two easy settings and two brushes for multiple applications
Full cleaning temperature within 10 seconds from start-up
Removes gum in 4-6 seconds
Easy to transport through high-security areas due to lithium-ion power source
Quiet operation for daytime cleaning

Brand Karcher
Part Number KAR10131050
Manufacturer Part Number 10131050
Dimensions (L x W x H) 17.1” x 13.8” x 14.6”
Model SG 3
Run Time 3.5 hours
Weight 24 lbs.


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