Kenmore / Panasonic 50104 Style C/Q Canister Paper Bags


Compatible with Kenmore C/Q & Panasonic C-5 /C-18 Canisters Vacuums

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Compatible with Kenmore Models: 24325/24326/24327/24350/24390/24410/24971/24975/24981/24991/25430/2621/26312/26320/26325/26355/26390/26395/26410/26413/ 26430/26435/26450/26455/27514/27515/27614/27615/27814/27815/27914/27915/28014/28015/23040/23243/23350/24320/24321/24325/54326/24327/24350/24320/24321/
Compatible with Panasonic Models: MC-CG902/MC-CG973/MC-V9600/MC-CG800/MC-885/MC-150/AMC-J3EP

Package Includes 8 Paper Bags


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