Miele WoolCare Laundry Detergent- 1.5 L


Miele WoolCare for delicates is formulated to clean and protect your woolens, silks and delicate fabrics.

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  • Now you can clean your wool garments without the threat of pilling or shrinking.
  • This is an outstanding detergent for not just cleaning but removing grease and stains also, even at temperatures as low as 20°C.
  • A colour protection factor will also prevent dyes from running or fading.
  • This laundry detergent is safe for all makes of high efficiency washing machines.
  • Environmental benefit: Contains neither phosphates nor zeolites.

Key Features:

  • 1.5L
  • 37 loads per container.
  • Safe for wool and silk.
  • Low temperature washing.
  • Keeps colors brilliant.
  • Removes stains.
  • Tough on grease.
  • Safe for all makes of HE washing machines.
  • Made in Germany.


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