Miele Outdoor Clothing Laundry Detergent- 250 mL

Miele 250 mL Outdoor Clothing Perfect for high-end outerwear

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Product Description

  • Special-purpose detergent for outerwear, particularly garments manufactured from breathable membranes and with water-repellent finishes
  • Even though today’s technologically-advanced outerwear garments are durable enough to provide remarkable protection from the elements so you can comfortably enjoy hiking, climbing and camping, they require special handling
  • Miele Outdoor uses mild yet rugged ingredients to both gently remove stains and protect colours
  • Environmentally friendly
  • It contains neither phosphates nor zeolites, and is biodegradable
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Key Features

  • With lanolin – like a soothing bath for the fibres
  • Cleans and treats colours gently
  • High yield — for 13 laundry loads

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