Miele Sportswear Laundry Detergent- 250 mL

Miele 250 mL Sportswear Perfect for sportswear

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Product Description

  • Special-purpose detergent for sportswear made from fabric blends, synthetics, fleece and microfibers
  • Miele Sportswear detergent will deep clean your sportswear fabrics while taking gentle care of the special microfibres used in these garments
  • It will help neutralize and remove odours while protecting the colour of the fabric and preventing static build
  • No special additives also ensure the integrity of your fibers
  • Environmentally friendly
  • It contains neither phosphates nor zeolites, and is biodegradable
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Key Features

  • Neutralizes smells thanks to the built-in smell absorber
  • Cleans breathable sportswear and keeps colours bright
  • Maintains the fabric form stability— even for fleece
  • High yield — for 13 laundry loads

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