Miele Active AirClean 50 Vacuum Filter


Fits Models:

  • S4000 – S4999 Series Models.
  • S5000 – S5999 Series Models.
  • S6000 – S6999 Series Models.
  • S8000 – S8999 Series Models.
  • Compact C1 (not Classic C1) Series Models.
  • Complete C2 Series Models.
  • Compact C2 Series Models.
  • Complete C3 Series Models.

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Miele genuine Active AirClean filters are designed to help remove odours by incorporating a special layer of active charcoal. These Filters are ideal for pet owners and smokers. For optimum performance and extended motor life there is Time Strip technology built into this filter. Activate the Time Strip when the filter is first installed, then replace it once the strip has completely changed colours.

The Miele Active AirClean SF-AA50 replaces the Miele Active Air Clean SF-AAC50 filter.


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