Miele Universal Brush



Fits Models:

  • All Miele Vacuum Cleaners

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  • Genuine Miele Universal Brush – Vacuum Cleaner Attachment
  • The Miele Universal Brush is designed for serious dusting.
  • The added reach and narrow tip make it perfect for dusting just about anything.
  • For horizontal and vertical blinds, simply close them and give them a sweep while sucking the dust away.
  • Is perfect for reaching the stubborn dust that settles in the banister.
  • With the extra long delicate fibers, you can gently clean fine furniture very quickly.
  • Use it to clean dusty books as the dust brushes will loosen the dust that settles on top.
  • Also popular for cleaning large flat areas such as picture frames, televisions, walls, coffee tables and much more.
  • Fits models: all Miele vacuum cleaners

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