Oreck® Air Purifier-Silver WK10003QPC Platinum


Designed to keep the air free of pollutants for a safer, healthier environment in your home

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Suitable for use with surface areas up to 256 sq. ft. for 5 times air renewal per hour and up to 800 sq. ft. for 1.5 times air renewal per hour
Equipped with 4 speeds and intelligent auto filtration that detects the amount of pollution in the home using particle and gas sensors that adjust filtration speeds automatically in AUTO mode
Four different filters allow the air purifier to stop all types of pollutants
Pre-filter is designed to capture the biggest pollutants like hair, dust, and animal fur
Active carbon filter intercepts smoke, odours, and chemical pollutants (VOCs in particular)
High-performance HEPA filter targets finer particles (PM2.5), including pollens, animal allergens, bacteria, and mold
Exclusive NanoCaptur filter permanently destroys formaldehyde, the most dangerous pollutant in the home
These 4 filters combine to capture 99.97% of the finest and hardest particles to filter
Indicator light changes from blue to violet to red, clearly displaying the level of air quality so you’re always in the know
“HEPA” and “ODOR” lights blink when the HEPA and Active Carbon filters need to be changed
Features a sound level of just 22dB(A) in speed 1, and 45dB(A) on the maximum speed, so you can use it both day and night without disturbance for around-the-clock peace of mind
NIGHT mode ensures purified air while you sleep, running on speed 1 (quietest speed), and then adjusting to speed 2 automatically if it detects any pollution in the air


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