Perwoll Sport Liquid Laundry Detergent- 20 WL


Original German formula by Henkel


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Perwoll Sport liquid is as active as you. Perwoll Sport liquid detergent is specially formulated for microfibers and other fabric blends used in sports clothing
Perwoll’s Deo-Effect will help keep your sports clothing fresh smelling longer
This liquid detergent is used by althletes and sports enthusiasts throughout Europe
Available in a 1.5 L bottle for use in wash temperatures ranging from 68-140°F (20-60° C)
Formulated to be gentle on the environment
1.5 litter bottle
20 WL per bottle
Sold one per package

How to use
For best results load washer no more than half full with dosage for soft to hard water as follows: 60 ml for lightly soiled clothes, 90 ml for medium soiled clothes and 120 ml for heavily soiled colthes (Add 25% more for very hard water conditions).


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