Cinnamon-Mate Mist 7oz


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Don’t just cover up the smell of lingering odors. Take them out completely with the power of natural science. Less-than-clean smelling air will be eliminated by the combination of raw scent and actively-charged ions. Your nose will know the difference when foul smells are broken down through rapid oxidation, and the environment is brightened by real citrus power. Never artificial or unsustainable, this mist rescues you from stale and odiferous air while continuing to be safe for your family and the environment. When the air doesn’t need saving, this mist’s lively scent will rejuvenate and energize a room.

Particularly sophisticated, pomegranate is delicate and rich. The scent provokes the senses and sooths weariness. Exploding with sweetness, pomegranate’s shape gave name to the modern hand grenade.

Our 7oz. handy-sized, eco-friendly and recyclable package is perfect for cars and boats, recreational vehicles and camping gear.


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