Roomba Wheels


Enhanced design with bearing eliminates the wheel falling out from wear.Bearings allow the wheel to spin easier and reduces the amount of debris that breaks down functionality over time

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If the replace Roomba front caster wheel does not rotate, is squeaking, or falls out, use the following procedure to keep Roomba running at peak performance. It is recommended that the Hongfa front caster wheel is regularly cleaned.

Step 1 : Pull firmly on the front caster wheel to remove it from the robot.

Step 2 :Spin the wheel by hand. If rotation is restricted, remove the wheel from its housing and remove debris from inside the wheel cavity.

Step 3 :Push firmly to remove the axle and remove it completely from the wheel.

Step 4 :Clear any debris or hair wrapped around the axle.

Step 5 :Wipe the hongfa replace roomba wheel clean.

Step 6 :Re-install the axle, ensuring that both sides of the axle snap firmly in place.

Step 7 :Re-install the replace irobot wheel into the housing.

Step 8 :Reinstall the front caster wheel into the robot vacuum cleaner.


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