Sebo Duo

The duo system is ideal for soiling and stains. Cleaning without using water, it is effective and avoids wet cleaning problems such as carpet shrinkage, adhesive damage, smell and long ‘area out of use’ periods due to lengthy drying times. The duo system comprises a brushing machine, the duo, and carpet cleaning powder, duo•p. the duo brushing machine features twin contra-rotating brushes which open up the carpet pile and work the duo-p carpet cleaning powder deep into the pile and around every fibre.

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The Perfect Team – The SEBO Duo Brush Machine and the Duo-P Cleaning Powder!

This dry cleaning system is formulated to DEEP CLEAN your entire carpet or spot clean stubborn stains — all without soaking your carpet. The SEBO duo Cleaning System — quick, easy and highly effective!

Duo machineHOW IT WORKS
The SEBO duo-P cleaning powder is made up of granules that are moistened with detergent and is environmentally friendly and safe to use. When the granules are worked into the carpet fiber, soil and stains are lifted out of the carpet by the duo-P powder. The duo Brush Machine lifts the carpet pile ensuring all surfaces of the fiber are cleaned, leaving your carpet revived and softer. After vacuuming, your carpet is clean, dry and ready for use.

An added advantage in using duo-P Cleaning Powder on your carpet is that once applied, a built-in fiber protector will help to protect against future damage from soiling or staining.
Please Note:
   – For best results, vacuum carpet prior to applying duo-P powder
– Limited suitability for berber and needlepunch carpets
– Check for colorfastness
– Open window to speed drying
– Reseal package after opening to maintain moisture

Wet cleaning methods inject hot water and detergent into the carpet pile under pressure. A vacuum is then used to extract the liquid and dissolved soil. It is impossible to vacuum all of the dissolved soil from a wet carpet. Many machines only remove 50% of the dirty water. Carpets may resoil quickly and spots may reappear as the moisture wicks back up the carpet fiber. A wet carpet may take 8-36 hours to dry depending on humidity. That’s long enough for mold spores to grow. In fact, biological allergens thrive and multiply in moist or damp areas.

Dry Cleaning is safer for most carpets — it will not shrink the carpet or cause water staining if applied unevenly. SEBO duo-P Cleaning Powder leaves no detergent residue to cause your carpet to resoil, and the carpet can be used immediately after cleaning.

Extend the life of your carpets by not only vacuuming regularly, but also cleaning them regularly. Owning your own system is convenient and cost effective. Your carpets get cleaned when YOU want them cleaned and without having to let strangers into your home.


– Alleviates house dust allergies
– Immediate use of the carpet
– Cleans most carpet types
– No need to move furniture
– No shrinking or mildew
– No detergent residue
– Easy to clean stairs
– Easy spot-cleaning
– A built-in fiber protector helps to protect your carpet against future stains and soil

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

Brush Motor

200 Watts, 1.8 Amps


14 inches


2-11/16 inches

Body Weight

11 lbs.

Brush Speed

400 rpm

Cord Length

40 feet


50-60 Hz


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