SEBO Premium ET-1 Central Vacuum Kit


SEBO Premium ET-1 Central Vacuum Kit is nothing short of the best. This German-made cleaning kit is suitable for the most demanding households. It includes Premium tools that the standard kit does not such as a robust bare floor tool featuring replaceable brush strips and super soft rubber wheels to protect your hardwood floors from scratching and scuffs. Besides, the Premium kit includes a quick disconnect neck on the powerhead as well as a quick disconnect height adjustable wand with internal wiring made for more convenient use.

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SEBO Premium ET-1 Central Vacuum Kit


SEBO Premium ET-1 Central Vacuum Kit features an ultra-low profile and a 180° steering ability which will provide top cleaning performance and help you reach under the beds or furniture without a hassle.

With impressive 4-position carpet height adjustments, you will not only get convenience but also versatility. It can accommodate virtually all carpet piles/densities/thicknesses and dramatically reduce the chances of clogging and increase airflow to achieve enhanced effectiveness.

A warning light will also inform you of any obstructions. The user can easily remove the item that caused the blockage through a convenient access door under the power head.

Maintenance and cleaning are now much more convenient with a quick and easy removable roller brush.

Its high-quality rubberized wheels will surely deliver superior suction without leaving any scratches and damage to your baseboard and furniture.



Our dual-volt hoses are equipped with an ergonomic electric handle, Control ON/OFF of the CVAC unit, and an electric powerhead at the handle (3-way switch).

The handle features a 3-way switch that enables you to activate your power unit alone, or your power unit and powerhead together.

The swivel handle helps to protect your hose from twists and kinks, allowing for a smoother clean.

This hose is compatible with all standard valves and wands. Hose features lightweight, crush-proof technology that makes using central vacuuming easy and more efficient.



Premium Parquet Floor Brush

  • Made with natural bristles and rubber-coated wheels, the Premium Parquet Brush is ideal for any type of hard floor, delicate or otherwise. The tilt-and-turn ‘flex’ neck design provides superb maneuverability, and the floating spring-mounted brush strips are effective for uneven flooring. With a button-release neck, it can be easily removed to accommodate different cleaning needs. (7200GS)

Dusting Brush With Natural Bristles

  • Designed for delicate surface cleaning and is ideal for dust collection and removal.

Crevice Tool

  • Can Easily Be Bended More Flexible, Suitable For Some Narrow Places That Big Brush Can’t reach.

Upholstery Tool

  • Use the upholstery attachment on mattresses and fabric surfaces. Work in a horizontal or vertical motion from top to bottom.

Hose Hanger

  • Metal wall-mount garden hose hangers keep garden hoses off the ground by manually wrapping hose on hanger.

Telescopic Wand For Attachments

  • Fits all types of vacuum cleaners that use common fit-all attachments (1 1/4″ inner diameter of attachment opening) – (5371-SEBO)

3 in 1 Clip-on Tool Caddy

  • Keeps frequently used accessories within reach at all times during vacuuming. It can hold up to three tools and can be attached to a wand.


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