Sebo Three Piece Kit for X/G/Mechanical – 1991AM


Includes Extension Wand (1084GS), Extension Hose (1495ER) and Parquet Brush (1359GS)

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Extension Hose, Extension Wand, Parquet Brush

  • The 22-inch SEBO Extension Wand and the 9-foot SEBO Extension Hose are compatible with all SEBO upright vacuums but are particularly useful for the X-series, the G-series and the Mechanical-series models.
  • This is because they can make vacuuming with a floor tool more comfortable with these models. A friction-fit floor tool can be attached to the included instant-use wand. However, by also using the optional extension hose and extension wand, you can increase the hose length to 15 feet and vacuum at a comfortable standing position.
  • This makes it much easier to clean large areas of hard floors with a floor tool attachment. Fortunately, this also means not having to push the vacuum around as much!
  • Additionally, the extension wand and extension hose can be used with all SEBO upright vacuums to clean hard floor stairs more easily. Using a floor tool attachment with the extension hose and extension wand achieves a longer reach to vacuum each step without having to carry the full vacuum along.

SEBO Extension Hose
Lastly, the extension wand can also be very helpful for dusting high areas like blinds or ceiling cobwebs.


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