Shark Type PU-2 Upright Paper Bags (6-Bags)


2 Packages for a total of 6 Paper Bags

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Compatible with 18 Sharp Pu-2 / Pu2 Allergy/EC12SWC/ECT5970/ECT5980/ECTU5907/ECTU5909/ECTU5910/EC12TWT4/EC12TXT2/ECS2720/ECT2840/ECT2850/ECT2860/ECT4650/ECT4660/ECT4765/ECT4770/ ECT4840/ECT4880/ECTU2609/ECTU2709S/ECTU2809/ECTU4607/ECTU4609/ECTU4707/ECTU4709/ECTU4711S/ECTU4818


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