Shark Type PU-2 Upright Vacuum Bags

Compatible with 18 Sharp Pu-2 / Pu2 Allergy Vacuum Bags, Upright Vacuum Cleaners, EC12SWC, ECT5970, ECT5980, ECTU5907, ECTU5909, ECTU5910, EC12TWT4, EC12TXT2, ECS2720, ECT2840, ECT2850, ECT2860, ECT4650, ECT4660, ECT4765, ECT4770, ECT4840, ECT4880, ECTU2609, ECTU2709S, ECTU2809, ECTU4607, ECTU4609, ECTU4707, ECTU4709, ECTU4711S, ECTU4810.

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Includes 3 Bags per Package

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Weight 2 kg


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