Sirena Complete Kitchen Bundle


Get all 5 best-selling Sirena kitchenware products in one convenient bundle and become a true Master of the Kitchen!

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With the new Complete Kitchen Bundle from Sirena, you get our 5 best-selling kitchenware products all in one! The value and quality are tremendous, and it will save you lots of time and money when looking for a new professional kitchen set. This set includes:

Sirena Elite Knife Set: Our incredible 14-piece knife set is complete with razor-sharp stainless steel blades, and a beautiful hand-carved pinewood storage block.

Sirena Prestige: This versatile coffee maker packs a punch and will be the highlight of your professional kitchen set. It’s got a built-in espresso and cappuccino maker, and an advanced twin brewing system to quickly make the perfect cup for home or on the go.

Sirena Knife Sharpener: You’re going to want the best sharpening tool to take care of all those amazing blades, right? We give it to you in this bundle, and it will keep your Elite Knife Set sharp for years! It even has a suction pad for extra safety.

Sirena Rapid Pot: Take your meals to the next level with our incredible 15-in-one pressure cooker. A must-have for any professional kitchen set. We’ve even included a 50-recipe cookbook, and with the Rapid Pot’s one-touch cooking mode, getting started is easy!

Sirena Supreme: Stay on your healthy routine with ease with our incredible fruit and vegetable juicer. The Sirena Supreme has two speeds and operates with a powerful centrifuge to ensure you get the consistency and quality you want, every time.

Five Great Products in One Bundle!

For the ultimate professional kitchen set without the hassle, there’s no better option out there than the Sirena Complete Kitchen Bundle. We’ve put five of our best-selling home and kitchen products into one bundle, just for you. Save hundreds of dollars when you purchase our entire Kitchenware product collection together in this convenient bundle. We maintain the highest industry standards when it comes to durability, safety, materials, and function.

When you’re looking for a new kitchen set, there are lots of options out there, and we know it can be overwhelming. We’ve put together this one-of-a-kind bundle to make your life easier. With the Complete Kitchen Bundle from Sirena, you get our 5 best-selling kitchenware products all in one, so your kitchen can be fully equipped without the hassle.

The Sirena Complete Kitchenware Bundle includes the following kitchenware products:

-Sirena Elite. A 14-in-1 professional knife set featuring full-tang and hand-forged stainless steel blades in a handmade pinewood and matted black storage block.

-Sirena Rapid Pot. A 15-in-1 programmable cooker with a one-touch cooking function and a cookbook with 50 different recipes.

-Sirena Prestige. A 15 Bar Espresso and Cappuccino maker featuring a tiwn-brewing system with an advanced frother.

-Sirena Supreme. A powerful two-speed centrifugal fruit and vegetable juicer.

-Sirena Knife Sharpener. A handy kitchen knife sharpener with a suction pad to keep your elite set sharp.


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