Sirena Fragrance Pack


Enhance your Sirena cleaning experience and aromatize the air in your home with the following 4 Sirena fragrances included in this pack:

  • Pine
  • Tropical
  • Apple
  • Eucalyptus (Great for vaporizing the air to relieve nasal congestion)

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Aromatize the air by simply adding a few drops of our home fragrance directly into water and start cleaning or run the Sirena Vacuum Cleaner in slow mode to fill the house with your favorite scent.

The last thing you want to encounter when you or a guest enters your home is a foul smell. Homeowners and renters alike have struggled with this notion and are always searching for a perfect solution. Now, they need look no further. Sirena Fragrance Packs are ready to rise to the occasion. Each Sirena product is designed to equip consumers with the most effective methods and tools to eliminate common household messes and odors. The Sirena Fragrance Pack can be used in the Sirena water vacuum and the Twister Air Purifier.

Sirena vacuums and products are unlike the standard bag vacuums. Sirena uses an advanced water filtration technology system in place of bags to help filter and trap dust, dirt, allergen particles, and other unwanted debris. Furthermore, water-washed air is then released fresh and clean back into the home.

Sirena Aromatizers for the Home

Consumers are given a choice to select from various products for the home to improve the overall aroma. One of the many great features of the Sirena cleaning system is that there are a wide range of accessories for consumers to acquire to enhance their experience. The Sirena Fragrance Pack is meant to aromatize the air in your home and includes four different options:

  • Pine
  • Tropical
  • Apple
  • Eucalyptus (Bonus: a great way to vaporize the air and relieve nasal congestion)

It is quite easy to use the Sirena Fragrance Pack. You simply add a few drops of your fragrance of choice directly into the water basin of the Sirena water vacuum or the Twister Air Purifier. The Sirena water vacuum can be used as an air purifier or as a vacuum. If you only want to use the Sirena vacuum to purify the air and add aroma, then run the unit in slow mode. If you want to clean as you would normally and aromatize the air at the same time, then run the unit in high speed mode. Either way, the fragrance will spread throughout your home and leave a fresh and delightful aroma!

The Ocean Breeze Deodorizer

If you are looking for a product to remove bad odors and disinfect the air, the Ocean Breeze Deodorizer is highly recommended. Adding as little as a capful into the water basin will immediately bring freshness and pleasant ocean breeze aroma to the house.

The Ocean Breeze Deodorizer liquid includes a compound known as triethylene glycol. This element has natural antibacterial and antifungal components. Once it is dispersed in an enclosed area, it provides a rapid disinfecting effect. The deodorizer is also compatible for use in the Sirena vacuum and Twister Air Purifier.

Should you solely be interested in aromatizing the air while you clean, then the Fragrance Pack is the item for you. Reviews indicate it is an excellent and trusted source of taking on the role of aromatizer for the home.

Sirena vacuum cleaners can fully enhance the cleaning experience in your home. This amazing product uses state-of-the-art water-based filtration to remove all the dirt and dust you don’t want lingering around the house. The Sirena vacuum cleaner motor is equipped with 1,000Ws that is able to pull even the most embedded dirt out of carpets. It can be used in the high-speed mode, which is used for general cleaning, or it can be used in the low-speed mode, which is best for air purification, deodorizing, and aromatizing.


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